Samuel Sullivan

Samuel Sullivan is the name.

My carnival is one big game. I've been through a lot in this old life of mine.

protectorpetrelli asked: "Protect: My character keeps yours safe from harm." PROTECT PETE SAMYUL
Set in Present Day. Samuel & Peter meet up to discuss how he can help PROTECT when they are attacked.

"I wouldn’t want to ask too much of you."

Samuel sighed hard, before allowing a chuckle to pass through his lips. “Peter, son, after everything we’ve been through I think you’re entitled to ask a lot of me.”

As they turned down a narrow pathway, a shortcut through to the other side of town, Samuel was forced to walk closer to Peter which didn’t bother him in the slightest. That was until he noticed two men enter the pathway at the other end of it, now heading towards Samuel and Peter. Walking to the side, Samuel tried to figure a way that he might walk to let them past, but his efforts weren’t needed, as the men stopped halfway to them. And Peter stopped too.

"What’s wrong, Pete?" Samuel asked, stopping just ahead of him and turning to face him.

"We should head back," he said, never taking his eyes off the two men. "Nexus agents up ahead."

Without another word, Samuel turned back onto to noticed another two people had blocked the end they had just come from.

"Looks like we’re surrounded, son," Samuel said, his shoulders tensing as he sensed a fight about to happen.

"Surrender, and no one will get hurt!" One of the agents called out.

A strange thing happened just then. Samuel found himself becoming overly protective of Peter. No matter what, even if it was to Samuel’s own detriment, he needed to keep Peter safe. He would be the one to change the world for the better, and Samuel wouldn’t allow him to get hurt.

Pushing Peter behind him, half pining him against the wall, Samuel raised his hands and focused on the ground below him.

"Samuel, no-"

"It won’t be like last time, I promise," Samuel said, as chunks of the ground began to rise up blocking the shots that were now being fired at the two of them.

One deep breath in, and Samuel swept his hands sending the rocks towards the men, and pining them to the ground. Please with himself, Samuel turned to Peter and wiped his forehead.

"So, Mr Petrelli," he began, clearing his throat. "What do you want to do with them now?"

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Wow, that’s cool. What happened? Mary’s never been to a carnival. It’s not like her parents let her out much, although it’s not as if they were still breathing down their neck. Thanks, she smiles at him. Now, people are saying it was a bad idea, you know, with all that stuff happening. She frowns only slightly, regretting bringing that up. Oh! I’m Mary. Nice to meet you.


My carnival was a place for post-human’s so feel safe. When everything happened, I decided to move them elsewhere. He’s unsure of her views on post-humans but he figures he trusts her enough to tell her. It’s only a bad idea depending on what side you’re on, love. He offers his hand with a smile. Lovely to meet you, Mary. I’m Samuel.



Ah, but you’re the boss anyways. You don’t want to be doing all that contorting nonsense, put poor Louisa and Livvy out of a job if you could. He shrugs noncommittally, gently shutting the door behind his friend to give him a minute to cobble together an answer that didn’t sound as bullshit as the ones he had given his few remaining friends. Still standing, I suppose. Got my clients back, got a few more than I had last time as well. Lost a good many friends, but I suppose I should’ve been expecting that. He glances down at the orange cat winding over to Samuel’s legs, then up at his friend. Don’t mind Lisbeth, she’s friendly enough. He pauses, then decides that he may as well explain. She was Zora’s cat, but her dad couldn’t take her in, so um..I did. He clears his throat suddenly, offering a wan smile. How’ve you been then, mate? And Kiara? Haven’t seen either of you in ages.


Samuel’s attention is stolen by his new feline friend at his feet. He bends down and picks the cat up, petting her fur while doing so. Hello, Lisbeth. He places a gentle kiss on the cat’s soft head before placing her back down onto the floor. Samuel is fond of animals, but the fact that the cat had been Zora’s, he automatically felt a link to it - almost in the same way he felt for Emrys at first. The three of them all damaged by their friend’s loss. Oh, I’m always busy, Reese. Always on the move. Kiara is good, she’s back with the family. I figured it’d be safer to leave her with them. He thinks for a moment before crossing his arms. Have you seen any of your old ‘team?’ I’d imagine it would be safer to stay away from that lot, son.



Yes, it really would. Thank God. People have been giving me directions in terms of lefts and rights and I’ve been looking around like an idiot for the past half hour. I really appreciate this.

Nothing worse, right? I’ve been travelling, so I know your pain, fella. It’s just up this way. He points and begins walking before turning to the man. So, are have you just moved here or are you travelling? 



A carnival? Really? She’s heard of a carnival, although she’s never been and isn’t too informed about it. That must be fun. My family moved around a lot too growing up. Now we’re just settling down here in New York, I think. I’ve been here for a year a half. 

Yeah, my carnival took up a spot in Central Park up until a while ago. He thinks for a moment with a thin smile before shrugging his shoulders. It’s good to settle down. Finally get your roots in somewhere, and New York is a good place to do that. Looking ahead, he’s now a little disorientated but he figures if they keep going straight, they’ll get there. So, Miss-? What can I call you? 



He had been sitting upside down on his sofa, legs curled over the back, and reading a book when the first knock came at the door, unwilling to move until he heard the following knocks followed by a familiar voice in the hall. Even so he nearly tripped and fell flat on his face getting up, padding barefoot across the floor as he had abandoned his shoes an hour ago after getting home from a particularly long mediumship session. He even managed a faint, wry smile as he opened the door for once, though that expression was hard to hold these days. Don’t be giving me that old man bullshit, now. You’re just as sprightly as the rest of them. He gestured for Samuel to come inside, opening the door further. Done with Europe then?


There was a warmth in his heart for this boy, and seeing him again only felt like visiting family - which is exactly what he needed. A smile from a fellow with such a past meant a lot to Samuel. He had had days when smiling was difficult to do, and he wouldn’t be surprised if Emrys had to try to turn the corners of his mouth up for him. A chuckle escaped his mouth upon hearing his greeting, before he stepped into Emrys’ home. Not exactly, no, he began, turning to face him before stopping to admire his home. I had stuff to do here so, here I am. Came to see how you were doing, fella. How are you?



Thank you, she says and starts walking as she pushes up her glasses. She’s always a bit hesitant to ask for help. She doesn’t meet nice people very often. Have you lived here long then?

It’s not uncommon for Samuel to want to help people out. It seems to be in his nature. However, more than that, he couldn’t leave a young lady wandering on her own. I own a carnival, you see, so we move around a lot. I suppose you could say that I lived here for a couple years before moving on again. What about you, miss?


Samuel had been looking forward to this more than anything else on this trip. He’d finally get to see his friend again, and simply standing at his front door made the old man smile. He knocked a couple times and waited for Reese to answer. Don’t keep an old man waitin’, he called. 

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Really? You’d do that? Mary’s surprised and warmed at his kindness. You don’t have to if you don’t want to! I-I mean you’re probably busy.

Of course! What kind of man would I be to allow you to get lost? Plus, I’ll get to see the city again too. He motions for her to start walking first and joins her. And I’m never too busy to help a lady.

I’m sure if you continue to this street and take a left, you’ll be right at it. He hasn’t been in New York in just under a year, so he doesn’t know what’s changed. Still, he wants to help. Why don’t I just show you? Would that help? 

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